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Something is up with Charlotte Flair but WWE is trying to keep the story hidden

There is something going on with Charlotte Flair but WWE is not commenting on the situation.

As noted over the weekend, Flair was removed from online ads for WrestleMania 37. That led to speculation that she was pulling out of the show or WWE pulled her. Furthermore, WWE announced that Rhea Ripley would be making her main roster debut this week. If Ripley is announced as Asuka’s opponent for Mania then that would confirm that Flair is off the show since it was supposed to be Flair challenging Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez asked Dave Meltzer if Flair’s situation has to do with her filming the “Walking Tall” movie remake for the USA Network. Meltzer confirmed that she is doing the movie but that is not related to her situation with WWE.

“She’s doing the movie,” Meltzer said. “As far as Charlotte and WrestleMania, I’ve been asking that all week and everyone’s avoiding me on that one. There’s definitely a story that’s not the movie because if it was the movie, it wouldn’t be hidden. I think I know but whatever. It’s definitely something that’s being hidden as far as whatever is the deal with Charlotte.”

It’s no secret that things haven’t gotten off to a good start for Flair in 2021. Ric Flair told Busted Open Radio that Charlotte was not thrilled with the Lacey Evans storyline. Ric said, “It caught us off guard. It was presented to me. I think it was just a trial run and nobody really understood for sure exactly what was going to go. I would be remiss if I thought Ashley (Charlotte) was crazy about it.”

The angle was scrapped when Evans learned that she’s pregnant. Another thing that could cause friction between WWE and Charlotte is the fact that her fiancee Andrade was not being used. He asked for his release a couple of weeks ago and his request was granted on Sunday night. Meltzer also pointed out that Charlotte pitched to do a storyline with her fiance and her ideas were shot down.

Melzer said, “I haven’t heard anything of her [being] mad about Andrade or something which, I mean she did pitch ideas for him that they didn’t do so I’m sure she’s not thrilled but I haven’t heard anything…she’s pitched stuff for him and they haven’t gone for it…if Rhea Ripley wrestles Asuka then that kind of tells you that something happened. It could be the movie thing [but] it’s not just the movie thing. There’s something else going on.”

Charlotte has not commented on any of the rumors going around.

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