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SPECULATION: Tyler Breeze to make his main roster in-ring debut on Monday’s RAW?



WWE is teasing that Tyler Breeze may make his main roster in-ring debut on this Monday’s episode of RAW. posted the following:

"Tyler Breeze has always been narcissistic, but Prince Pretty has really been kicking things up a notch since joining the main WWE roster last week. Aligning with Summer Rae and repeatedly targeting Dolph Ziggler, it's clear that "The King of Cuteville" is desperate to show up The Showoff. But why? Is it jealousy that fuels Breeze, or is he simply out to prove that there can only be one flashy, blond-haired Superstar on the roster?

Regardless, expect Ziggler to strike back against the egotistical upstart on Raw. After all, something tells us The Showoff is no stranger to crashing VIP sections."

Breeze attacked Ziggler on SmackDown and is expected to wrestle him at the upcoming Survivor Series PPV event.

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WWE holds RAW in Denver, CO at the Pepsi Center this Monday night.