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Spike Dudley on asking Vince McMahon for weed, insane bumps, ECW, TNA, Brock Lesnar, Marko Stunt



Chris Van Vliet spoke with former WWE/ECW star Spike Dudley about his time in the wrestling industry. Spike covered a wide range of topics from every promotion he worked for.

Check out the highlights below and scroll down to watch the full interview.

Spike Dudley talked about his current job: “I work with a financial company. My role is when people die, their assets, their accounts have to get transitioned to their beneficiaries, their estate or to the trust. My job is getting the assets to wherever they need to go.”

Spike Dudley talked about his balcony jump with New Jack: “If there was something I wasn’t comfortable with, I would just say no. I can’t recall anything too crazy that I said no to. It was a measured decision. I would look at it and say, can I do this, can I not do this? I never felt pressured to do something stupid. I will say the one time, my first balcony jump, which was with New Jack at Asbury Park, we did the double fall. That was the first time I jumped off something other than the ring. I was scared out of my gourd. It was crazy. Plus the atmosphere was crazy. That double jump was nuts. I didn’t say no. I thought I could pull it off, but on that one, I was nervous. I fell off, I landed on Bubba’s fat belly so it was no problem.”

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Spike talked about working as a small guy and knowing your role for the psychology of the match: “I think one thing that gets lost in these choreographed things with a big guy and little guy still has to make sense. Just because I can slam a 250 pound guy doesn’t mean you should. If I opened the door for other guys, great, but make it make sense. Tell a story. There is a whole reason why David and Goliath works, but if David isn’t David and he is trying to act like Goliath, it doesn’t work. Bam Bam Bigelow taught me so much about how little guys are supposed to work. He said I should never have to pick you up off the floor because you are always on your knees trying to get up. As a little guy scrapping, you are always trying. You are always trying. You are always reaching for the ropes. You are always trying to pull yourself up. That was the story and I understood my physique, my size, and my role. I wasn’t supposed to win. I wasn’t supposed to beat anybody. Here is this guy who is trying his best and he survived. On occasion, I pull out a couple of wins.”

Spike Dudley talked about changing his name to Brother Runt in TNA: “I think that was Jeff Jarrett. I’ll be honest. I don’t have anything against TNA but it was not a fun time for me. I didn’t like the company. It was a cluster. There was no direction. I don’t know who came up with it. You're paying me. I don’t care. Call me what you want. They were all still saying Spike when I came down the isles. At that point, I was mentally done with the business. I was doing it because that was the only thing I knew how to do.”

Spike talked about being messed up after being released by WWE: “Getting released from New York screwed my head up. They did a giant turnover. It was business for them. During the last couple of months, I could sense it. I offered a number of times, producer, trainer, video editing and said I really love this company. I want to be a part of this company. I know my time in the ring can’t last forever. What can I do after the ring? I was told, you are fine. We will take care of you. Then I get a call that said we are letting you go. It mentally and emotionally destroyed me. Maybe I wasn’t man enough to say that’s the business. But, it threw me in a tailspin. I was drinking and partying and running my mouth. I was bitter and angry. What they did was business. I took it personally and that’s not good for business. I did not react to it well and I did not handle it well. I went to TNA for a couple years and I was miserable. I did the indies and destroyed myself until I hit rock bottom and said I had enough of this. Good-bye. My wife came along and then I started a whole new world and life is good.”

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