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SPOILER: Big announcement planned for tonight's WWE Evolution pay-per-view



Several weeks ago, we reported about plans to introduce new Women's Tag Team titles.

A few days ago we were told that the big announcement is still on the schedule and some time was alotted for a segment featuring Stephanie McMahon on tonight's Evolution pay-per-view. We were told that the belts were designed months ago and WWE was waiting on the right time to introduce them.

One source noted to us that the talk about women's tag team titles started last year but Vince McMahon didn't feel like the time was right because there were not enough women on the roster.

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Now, they have more women than ever before and more female tag teams being feared on TV and at the live events. We're told that Stephanie McMahon will be making a big announcement tonight and all signs point to that announcement being about the new titles.

WWE had Women's Tag Team Titles in the 1980's. The first champions (Velvet McIntyre and Princess Victoria) were crowned in 1983. The titles were never treated as a big deal and they were deactivated in 1989 with The Glamour Girls (Leilani Kai and Judy Martin) as the final champions.