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SPOILER: Bray Wyatt's character takes a very dark turn tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw



The latest Firefly Fun House segment took a very dark turn at the Monday Night Raw tapings in London, England.

If you would rather wait for the show to air then you should stop reading now but if you don't mind a big spoiler then scroll down to see what will air tonight on the USA Network.

As you can see below, it's very clear that Wyatt will return to the ring with a different look. We noted here last week on that Wyatt is scheduled to get a main event push.

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The repackaging of Bray Wyatt has been in the works for several months. There were ideas being pitched way back in September and there were even talks starting a new Wyatt Family. It's unclear if that is still the plan but I'm told Vince McMahon is very supportive of the "new" Bray Wyatt and there are more creepy elements still to be revealed in the coming weeks.