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SPOILER: Fans might not like who WWE has lined up as Roman Reigns’ next opponent

If there is anything positive to come out of the way Kurt Angle was booked at WrestleMania, it’s that it at least shows WWE’s commitment to building stars for post-WrestleMania feuds. However, many fans might not be happy with what they have lined up for upcoming live events.

“It looks like Baron Corbin is being groomed for Roman Reigns, which least explains his win over Kurt [Angle],” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio.

Of course, as many of you know by now, those plans can change and they can certainly change next week if Vince McMahon decides to move Reigns or Corbin to SmackDown Live. Keep in mind that WWE needs to strengthen SmackDown Live ahead of the move to Friday night’s on FOX in October.

I would assume Lars Sullivan will eventually be built up for a feud with Reigns since management has high hopes for him but my guess is they would wait until SummerSlam for Sullivan vs. Reigns.

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