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SPOILER: Former WWE star is returning to the company



Eva Marie is indeed returning to WWE.

On Monday morning, Cultaholic first reported she is set to return to WWE and her first appearance back may also be imminent as she could return as soon as tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw. has since confirmed that not only is she returning to the company, but she is in Orlando, Florida for this week’s WWE TV events. She underwent medical testing on Sunday in order to enter the ThunderDome.

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The report states that the two sides came to terms for a return the week of September 20th. As of this writing, there’s no word yet on whether plans intend for her to wrestle or simply appear as a personality on TV.

She signed with WWE in 2013 to take part in the first season of Total Divas. She later started to wrestle in NXT back in 2015 and was then called up to the main roster. Once she was suspended for a violation of the WWE Wellness Policy in 2016, she never returned to action.

Marie hasn’t worked a match since July 10, 2016 at a live event against Becky Lynch. Since then, she has continued her work as a model and found success in acting.

Over the years, Marie has stated in interviews that she felt like she had unfinished business with the company and thus, expressed interest in returning at some point. That time has come.