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SPOILER: Former WWE star returning to wrestle Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam

During Thursday’s Wrestling Observer Radio show, Dave Meltzer revealed who Dolph Ziggler will be wrestling at SummerSlam in Toronto and it was an accident how he found out after an erroneous report from last week that claimed that he said he knew Goldberg was returning.

Meltzer previously noted in last week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that he was given an “emphatic no” when he asked about Goldberg possibly appearing on the first SmackDown Live on FOX. Meltzer said the following in last week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter: “The fact they would script that line for him to say tells you that there are bad feelings internally regarding Goldberg after the Undertaker match. I did ask a few weeks ago about Goldberg at the first Smackdown on FOX and got a pretty emphatic no, for whatever that was worth.”

For what it’s worth, I was told that there were some people in WWE upset at Goldberg for his match with The Undertaker falling apart in Saudi Arabia but not bad enough to keep them from bringing him back.

Last week, there was a report claiming that Meltzer reported that Goldberg was returning for SummerSlam. However, as he noted on Wrestling Observer Radio, he did not report that and he said at the time that he didn’t know who Ziggler would be wrestling at SummerSlam. However, there were a couple of sites that claimed Meltzer was reporting Goldberg’s return even though he did not last week. Meltzer said he got a call from someone in WWE who asked him how he knew that Goldberg was returning.

Meltzer said, “I got a call from someone in WWE who was talking to me about how did you know it was Bill Goldberg? I said I didn’t know it was Bill Goldberg. They didn’t realize that I said didn’t know because all of these people said that I said it when I never said it in the first place. So, in fact, [Ziggler’s opponent] is Bill Goldberg and that’s how I found out.”

So, even though WWE announced The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler for SummerSlam, that match will be changed and it is scheduled to be Ziggler vs. Goldberg at SummerSlam.

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