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SPOILER: Former WWE star set to make a surprise appearance in Men's Royal Rumble



As usual, you can expect a few WWE Superstar to pop up as surprises in the Royal Rumble.

On Thursday, Mike Johnson joked about the possibility of Hornswoggle being called in to be a surprise at the Royal Rumble. Well, it looks like the joke will become reality on Sunday night.

Johnson said, "Then last night I got a call from someone who told me that I was actually right and that, as far as they knew, Hornswoggle was booked for the Royal Rumble. So, spoiler warning obviously, it appears Hornswoggle will be there this Sunday. I don't know that he's coming back to the company. I would assume it's just some sort of surprise but I was told that there were plans for a Hornswoggle cameo at the Royal Rumble."

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