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For weeks, there has been talk about Bo Dallas returning to WWE and in November, F4WOnline's Bryan Alvarez outright said that Dallas was back with the company.

Fightful Select reported today that Dallas is scheduled to be backstage tonight at Raw in Birmingham, Alabama. That doesn't necessarily mean that he will be appearing on the show but there's been a lot of speculation that he is the person who has been playing the role of Uncle Howdy. 

Dallas hasn't appeared on WWE TV in years and the last word on him was that he and Liv Morgan were dabbling in the real estate business. Dallas' father Windham Rotunda stated on JBL and Gerald Brisco's podcast that his son Dallas (and Bray) were not done with the wrestling business. This was said months ago before Bray returned to WWE. 

Bray is not advertised for Raw but Alexa Bliss is and WWE is advertising that Alexa will explain her actions toward Bianca Belair. Bliss has been showing signs of reverting back to her dark ways and the hints are pointing towards a reunion with Bray. So, it is possible that Bo (possibly in the Uncle Howdy gimmick) could appear in the segment with Bliss.

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