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SPOILER: Here is why Vince McMahon chose not to advertise The Undertaker in advance for WrestleMania

We still don’t know exactly what The Undertaker is doing at WrestleMania but all signs still point to the match with John Cena. There has been a ton of speculation online on Taker having a confrontation and then setting up a future match (perhaps at next year’s show) but that seems unlikely for several reasons.

For one, as you can see on Michelle McCool’s Instagram account, Taker has been training for months and people that have seen him say that he is moving around much better than he was last year at WrestleMania.

The last word as of 4/3, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, is that Vince McMahon feels that the audience knows that Taker is going to show up on Sunday and the story is that Taker is returning to “kick Cena’s ass.”

Also, McMahon believes that announcing Taker in advance won’t make a difference because the fans watching Raw every week are going to watch WrestleMania anyway. An Observer source was quoted as saying, “This is Vince McMahon’s story and he seems very happy with it. I think part of it is that Vince McMahon can say, `people are invested in the mere chance Undertaker will show up!”‘

For months, the plan has been for an actual match. Things can always change, especially if Taker is injured while training, but all signs point to Taker vs. Cena at some point during the show. I should also note that both Taker and Cena have wanted this match at Mania for at least a couple of years. It almost happened last year but then McMahon changed his mind because he felt that it could be his only chance for Taker to put over Reigns.

For those of you that haven’t seen it, click here to check out the official WrestleMania match card poster from Axxess. They certainly found a creative way to include Cena and Taker on it. Click here to read what we reported about the “American Badass” rumors.

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