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SPOILER: Likely main event for WWE SummerSlam



In just over one week, WWE will begin the hype for SummerSlam, their biggest event of the summer.

WrestleTalk is reporting that the likely main event for SummerSlam will be Drew McIntyre defending against Randy Orton.

The original plan for Orton was for him to face Edge in the final match of their feud but those plans were dropped because Edge is out with an injury. was told that the tentative plan is to do Edge vs. Orton by WrestleMania 37 and then Edge will move on to other opponents.

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Orton seems to be heading towards a match with The Big Show at Extreme Rules but the match has not yet been announced and this coming Monday's Raw will be the go-home show.

Meanwhile, McIntyre will defend the title against Ziggler at Extreme Rules with a stipulation that will be revealed during the show.

Since the plan appears to be Orton vs. McIntyre at SummerSlam, that would mean that both men will win their respective matches at Extreme Rules.

For years, WWE had been hesitant to push Orton as a consistent top tier star on the level of Roman Reigns and John Cena because of his behind-the-scenes issues but the feeling is that he has turned his life around so management feels like they can trust him.

For what it's worth, was told that an idea was pitched to have Orton win the title and then defend against Edge at the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania and McIntyre could win the title again at a later date to get his true crowning moment with fans in attendance. The idea is said to still be on the table but it was noted that there is no way to know how things will play out over the next few months with the pandemic so all plans are subject to change.