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SPOILER: Local ad reveals Sasha Banks’ return to WWE TV?

One of the top female WWE Superstars could be back in time for SummerSlam, at least according to local ads being used in Toronto.

As you can see below, Sasha Banks is featured in the local advertising for SummerSlam. Banks has not been seen on WWE television since WrestleMania 35 when she and tag team partner Bayley dropped the Women’s Tag Team Championship to The IIconcis.

As many of you know, the story is that Banks was not happy about the creative direction. She was under the impression that she would have a longer title reign that would put the titles over as being important. There were other creative issues that led to her going home. Since WrestleMania, she’s been sending out cryptic messages on social media and many believed that she wanted to get out of her contract so she could jump to All Elite Wrestling. She has a lot of time left on her contract and WWE is not going to release anyone right now, especially if they think that they are AEW-bound.

A few weeks ago, Banks and Vince McMahon had a meeting and things were said to be better and the expectation was that Banks would be back in the summer.

For what it’s worth (and she could be talking about the NJPW show, for all we know), Banks posted this on Twitter on Saturday night:

Check out the SummerSlam ad below. On a related note, another ad may have given away The Undertaker’s opponent for SummerSlam. Click here for the spoiler.

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