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Paige-WWE Royal Rumble update



UPDATE: In regards to Paige, I was told by a source in WWE that she was cleared and she would be in the Rumble. That obviously did not happen and I'm not sure why she was not on the show. I also was told by a reporter from another website that he heard the same thing about Paige being a surprise but he was told not to report on it. At the end of the day, I screwed up by not triple checking on this and I apologize and it will not happen again.

ORIGINAL: A source in WWE has told that Paige is cleared and she will be one of the surprise entrants in the Women's Royal Rumble match tomorrow night.

Paige was one of the most popular women on the roster but her in-ring career was cut short after a neck injury that occurred at the end of 2017. The last time she wrestled was on 12/27/17 in a six-woman tag match in Uniondale, NY. Paige has been training for months to make her in-ring return and she has stated publicly that her neck is feeling much better these days.

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Recommended Articles has not confirmed if her Rumble appearance is just a one-off or if she is back full-time. Unless she has signed a new contract, her deal is due to expire in June.

We are also told that there's another person who was spotted in St. Louis and is being kept hidden from everyone but we have not been able to find out their identity as of yet.

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