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SPOILER on top star being considered for a WWE Draft move to Monday Night Raw

WWE is planning to shake things up again in the way of a Draft after SummerSlam.

It’s been reported the first night will take place on August 30th for Monday Night Raw and the second night will be on the September 3rd edition of Friday Night SmackDown.

WrestleVotes reported today that an idea going around in WWE would be moving Big E from SmackDown to Raw in the Draft. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are still on Raw as a tag team. This would have them all be on the same brand, but not necessarily be pushed as the original faction that they had been in the past due to WWE still focusing on Big E being a singles star.

“I’ve heard from a few sources an idea making the rounds – Big E moving from SD to RAW in the post SummerSlam draft while still be pushed as a singles. In essence, New Day back together without necessary being a team. If so, E would become a fresh face for the RAW main event scene.”

Last year’s Draft saw WWE split up Big E from Woods and Kingston as he had already been pushed in a singles role in the months leading up to the Draft as Woods and Kingston were sidelined with injuries at the time. Since that time, Big E has been pushed as a top singles star and had a run as the Intercontinental Champion.


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