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SPOILER: There is a big stunt planned for WWE Money In The Bank

During promos on Monday Night Raw, it has been teased that someone will be falling off the top of WWE Headquarters during one or both of the ladder matches at the Money In The Bank pay-per-view.

The ladder matches at WWE Headquarters were taped a few weeks ago and Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that people who were aware of what went down at the taping noted that Vince McMahon was showing someone how to go off the top. This would be the person who is supposed to fall off and they were shown a demonstration with safety precautions in place. Obviously, no one is actually going to fall off but the match is being filmed like a Hollywood movie so the editing will make it look that way.

Becky Lynch did an interview this week where she talked about McMahon going over a crazy spot in the match in regards to someone falling off the tower and AJ Styles made reference to falling off the tower during a WWE Raw promo.

Whatever they have planned is sure to be something crazy that is meant to get people buzzing on social media. The feeling is that the cinematic matches can help make up for the dull atmosphere at the Performance Center.

As previously noted, the Performance Center matches will air live. In addition to those matches, WWE is also teasing that the SmackDown hacker will make his/her presence felt. Click here for the latest news on the hacker.

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