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SPOILER: Unaired WWE Raw segment reveals trouble between top tag team

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It's clear to everyone that trouble is coming for Raw Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman as they head into their match for Clash Of Champions. The question is when will they have their big blow up?

Well, it looks like either there was a segment scheduled for last week that was scrapped or they taped it so they could show their split on this week's episode.

As you can see below, Strowman and Rollins had a heated backstage argument that ended with Strowman shoving Rollins into a wall. That has not yet aired on Raw so it looks like that clip was uploaded earlier than it was supposed to be.

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Next week is the go-home show for Clash Of Champions so you can expect their big blow-up to happen soon. Strowman and Rollins will defend their titles against Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler at Clash of Champions. They will also wrestle each other on the same show for Rollins' Universal Championship.

The clip below was briefly posted to WWE's Instagram stories.