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SPOILER: Update on Brock Lesnar and plans for the SummerSlam main event



WWE's plans for the summer are becoming more clear and it's obvious that Roman Reigns will be in the title picture when Brock Lesnar returns. That is the idea right now but that is all subject to change, depending on what Vince McMahon wants to do.

The idea to change the plans for the Extreme Rules main event was called a "panic move" within WWE. As we first reported last week, the idea was for a Six-Pack Challenge match to determine the number 1 contender for Brock Lesnar's Universal Championship. That was changed on Monday and Kurt Angle announced that the match was scrapped because there was a snag with Lesnar's contract talks.

The stuff said about Lesnar is all storyline and the plan is for Roman Reigns vs. Bobby Lashley at Extreme Rules. After that, the idea is for Reigns vs. Lesnar at SummerSlam, which would indicate that Reigns is going to beat Lashley at Extreme Rules. Again, that is the idea right now and it can still change.

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This is all another attempt by Vince McMahon to get fans to get behind Reigns since Lesnar is being portrayed as someone who does not care about the fans and he doesn't bother to show up every week. They are also trying to make fans think that Lesnar looking at leaving with the title so he could take it to UFC. That is why Paul Heyman mentioned "Ultimate opportunities" in his Facebook post over the weekend.

The idea is that nobody believes in Reigns but Reigns believes in himself and WWE's goal is for this to make Reigns look sympathetic. The problem for Reigns and WWE is that SummerSlam will take place again in Brooklyn and those fans are not likely to bite into anything that WWE is feeding them.

Lesnar still has not entered the USADA drug testing pool so we still don't know what his UFC plans are but Daniel Cormier said this week that he would like to fight Lesnar after he defeats Stipe Miocic. Lesnar would have to enter the USADA pool this week if he plans on fighting on the big 12/29 UFC show.

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