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SPOILER: Vince McMahon locks in three top matches for WrestleMania 33

Over the weekend, we posted a list of probable and rumored matches for WrestleMania. The recent Wrestling Observer newsletter noted that three matches are locked in for the show. Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg, Triple H vs. Seth Rollins and Big Show vs. Shaquille O'Neal are the matches locked in for the show.

John Cena vs. The Undertaker is also likely for the show but Vince McMahon has not locked in on it. Cena did tell ESPN this week that he would be interested in wrestling Take at Mania and Cena vs. Taker was planned for last year's Mania before they had to change directions because of injuries to several top stars. Vince McMahon is also considering Roman Reigns as the opponent for Taker and the idea behind that is that Reigns is the future and a match with Cena and Taker would not help to build towards the future of the company. If WrestleMania 33 turns out to be Taker's last match then they won't have another chance at doing Reigns vs. Taker again. It certainly looks like Taker will be challenging for a title regardless if his opponent is Cena or Reigns. If it ends up being Reigns vs. Taker then the question is who would Cena's opponent be at Mania. The only name that sticks out to me would be Braun Strowman. The company is very much behind him and he is being pushed as an unstoppable monster so Cena vs. Strowman or Reigns vs. Strowman would make sense.

If you want to read a list of probably and potential WrestleMania matches, click here.

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