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SPOILER: WWE has big plans for Big Cass

Big Cass returned to WWE television last week during the Superstar Shake-Up. He was injured for several months and that basically derailed the plans they had for him back in August. At the time, the idea was for a one-sided feud with Enzo Amore. Cass would beat him in a series of matches and then move on to a bigger opponent. There were long-term plans for him to move up into the main event scene.

When he returned on Smackdown Live, he was immediately put into a top feud when he attacked Daniel Bryan. Vince McMahon still wants to push him because he sees star potential in him. One WWE source told us that he may never get the Roman Reigns push but he will be pushed as one of the top stars in the company.

We were told that there are tentative plans for him to challenge for the WWE Championship in a few months, possibly as soon as SummerSlam in Brooklyn. Last year when he went down with an injury there were long-term plans in place for him but the feeling was that he was not going to challenge for the Universal Championship as long as Brock Lesnar was on top because they didn’t want to do a heel vs. heel feud. On Smackdown Live, they want him to feud with Daniel Bryan and then move into a feud with AJ Styles in a few months.

As long as Cass stays healthy, the plan is to make him the top heel on the brand.


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