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SPOILER: WWE plans to replace someone on team SmackDown for Survivor Series



As of today, the advertised Superstars for team SmackDown at Survivor Series are The Miz, Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, Samoa Joe and Shane McMahon. Unless plans change sometime today, it looks like McMahon will be replaced.

Mike Johnson noted on PWInsider audio that McMahon was supposed to be at Raw on Monday but those plans changed. The current plan is for Randy Orton to take his spot at Survivor Series.

"The original plan was for Shane McMahon to be at [Raw]," Johnson said. "At some point, they changed the creative. Shane was not there and he was not backstage but at one point he was written in to appear on Raw."

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Johnson added, "Shane McMahon is currently advertised for Survivor Series. We were told a week and a half ago that he would not be in the match [and] it would be Randy Orton. We'll see tomorrow if there's some sort of angle where Shane steps out and Randy Orton is put in or maybe there is some Raw attack and somebody from Raw takes out Shane and that leads to Randy Orton stepping in. Maybe they're just changing their plans completely and Shane is gonna be in. Everyone I spoke to over the last 48 hours seem to still be under the understanding that come Sunday at Survivor Series, Randy Orton will be in the men's Raw vs. SmackDown elimination match."

Tonight is the SmackDown go-home show for Survivor Series so I would presume that some Raw Superstars will be on the show. If that happens then it would not surprise me to see McMahon taken out by a Raw star as a way to generate some buzz for Sunday.

For whatever it's worth, Dave Meltzer has been reporting that McMahon's World Cup victory at Crown Jewel over Dolph Ziggler was meant to be the start of a heel turn. It certainly would make sense for Raw to get some revenge on him either tonight or at Survivor Series. It would also make sense for McMahon to turn on his team on Sunday but that is just my speculation.

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