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Sports Illustrated looks at how Lebron James and Hulk Hogan changed sports forever

Sports Illustrated broke the news earlier today of Lebron James return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. SI’s Extra Mustard noted that this week marks the anniversary of Hulk Hogan’s heel turn in WCW.

Here’s an excerpt:

This week marks the anniversary of two shocking moments that altered the history of their sports – LeBron James fleeing the Cavaliers to create Miami’s Big Three and Hulk Hogan’s declaration of a New World Order. Both superstars were the top talents in their industries, but chose to backstab their lame franchises – the Cavaliers and World Championship Wrestling (WCW) – on live television for a chance to win greater glories with cooler cliques. These epic narratives of alliance and betrayal, which climaxed one day apart in 1996 (July 7) and 2010 (July 8), upset the balance of power in their industries. James and Hogan defined their careers with these actions, transforming from fan favorites into the biggest villains in their sports.

Join us as we revisit the decisions that changed professional basketball and wrestling forever.

You can read the entire column at SI Extra Mustard by Kyle Schmitt by clicking here.


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