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Stardust character coming to an end?

The Stardust character could be coming to an end…at least, that is what he is saying on his social media accounts.

Cody Rhodes has said publicly that he likes the Stardust character and, several months ago there was speculation that he would drop the character after the passing of Dusty Rhodes.

Rhodes told The Pittsburgh Tribune, “[Coming back as Cody] would have been tacky — would have been tacky, and it wouldn’t have been genuine. Many years ago, I used to watch RAW with my dad, and we watched Nitro, and we watched the pay-per-views. Many years ago, there was a wrestler who passed away, and his name was used pretty regularly after that on programming. People were using it to try draw the adulation of fans. Everyone was saying, ‘Oh, well such and such who passed away would have loved this.’ And (my father) told me, and this is something very few people know, ‘When I go don’t ever let anybody say that about me. I left my body of work on the table already and it doesn’t need to be expanded.’ And I never forgot that. So there was never any question on who was coming back.”

He did appear on an NXT TakeOver special to present the Dusty Rhodes tag team tournament trophy. If he is being serious on his twitter account then it looks like he might be ready for a change. Rhodes has been portraying the Stardust character since mid-2014.

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