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Stardust vs. Stephen Amell, WWE’s new policy, interesting Daniel Bryan story

– We noted on Tuesday that it looked like WWE was teasing a storyline between Stardust and “Arrow” star Stephen Amell. The Wrestling Observer newsletter confirms that WWE is indeed looking at doing a program between the two. Amell is a big wrestling fan and had been pushing ideas on social media. He has offered to be a guest GM and has been open to the idea of wrestling a match.

– WWE’s new policy is to do worked injuries on big shows and then have them sell the injury by taping them up. This is what they’ve been doing with Ryback and Neville. Vince has been negative on having wrestlers sell injuries in the past so, as always, things could change if Vince McMahon changes his mind.

– Former WWE writer Kevin Eck has a great column up where he talked about the AJ Lee/Daniel Bryan storyline from a few years ago. Eck had a different idea for how it was supposed to play out but he is the one that came up with the storyline. The storyline was pitched by him because he felt they were being underutilized at the time. One of the interesting things from the column was Eck revealing that Bryan’s first world title win was a fluke and was not planned ahead of time. Basically, Mark Henry was supposed to have the title but he got injured so they called Bryan on the day of the show and told him that they were going to put the title on him. Bryan wasn’t even booked to be on the show at first and was doing an autograph session that day. Luckily, his autograph session was relatively close to where they were running a show. Click here to read Kevin Eck’s column.

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