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Statement from Tom Castor, the WWE NXT referee who broke his leg and still finished the match

WWE NXT Referee Tom Castor broken leg

Many wrestlers have privately and publicly praised WWE NXT referee Tom Castor for his toughness after breaking his leg on Thursday night and still finishing the match.

The injury happened when he was refereeing the match between Tyler Breeze and Velveteen Dream.

You can see the video by clicking here. (Warning: It may be tough to watch for some people). Some long-time fans might get flashbacks of the gruesome leg break that happened to Sid Vicious in 2001 when he was in WCW.

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Castor commented for the first time since injury. Here is what he said on Instagram:

"I sincerely want to thank the WWE Universe and the NXT/WWE Superstars for their kind words and positive vibes. It’s been heartwarming and humbling to say the least. My utmost gratitude to the WWE Medical Staff and ER staff at Nebraska Medicine for your care and support. I’m ready to heal up and rejoin my NXT family doing what we all love to do. #wearenxt"