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Stephanie McMahon comments on WWE Women's Tag Team Title rumors, her in-ring status for Evolution PPV



Last night was a huge deal for the female roster and for wrestling in general. Now that it has been announced that the Evolution all-women's pay-per-view will be happening in October, the next question is when will WWE introduce Women's Tag Team Titles? For over a year, there have been talks about introducing a secondary women's title but they've held off on that because there weren't enough women on the roster to make it work.

Now they have more women than ever before and there are women in NXT that are ready to move up to Raw or Smackdown Live. It seems like WWE is getting closer because there were designs made for new women's titles. However, Stephanie McMahon, during an interview with Sky Sports, says that we won't see those titles at the Evolution pay-per-view. She did say that she has heard from the fans and they will introduce the titles at some point.

McMahon said, "Not quite yet but that's absolutely something we've heard loud and clear from our fan base and it's something we're keen on implementing as soon as we are able to."

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McMahon was also asked if she would be wrestling on the pay-per-view. "That's yet to be determined, we want to make sure our superstars really get the spotlight they deserve but if it makes sense then absolutely. But that's yet to be determined."

As noted earlier, the Evolution pay-per-view will include every woman on the main roster, women from NXT and NXT UK and some former Superstars will be returning for the show. Mickie James has already issued a challenge to a former WWE Superstar. Click here to read more about James' challenge.

Check out the full interview here.

For those of you that missed it, here is the big announcement from The McMahons: