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Stephanie McMahon getting lots of praise for her segment on Raw with Vickie Guerrero

Stephanie McMahon got tons of praise for the segment with Vickie Guerrero where she was pushed into the mud-like substance before Vickie said farewell to the fans. Stephanie came off looking like the second coming of Vince McMahon in the segment. Stephanie had gotten criticism for how she and her husband were portrayed on the show with them seemingly getting the upper hand on the babyfaces most of the time to the point where it became frustrating to watch at times.

The reason for the praise was because she did what her father had done for babyfaces in the past (in the wrestling business it’s called “showing ass”) and being humiliated by the babyface. To her credit, Stephanie has done a great job lately and the company did everything the right way with how they handled Vickie Guerrero’s exit from the company since they’ve been known to humiliate certain people when they’ve left the company (ie Lita).

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