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Stephanie McMahon hates CM Punk

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Stephanie McMahon hates CM Punk

It’s been mentioned in the past that Stephanie McMahon felt that when CM Punk walked out in January that she felt that he disrespected the company and her father. Bryan Alvarez, on last night’s Wrestling Observer radio, noted that Stephanie absolutely hates CM Punk so it didn’t come as a surprise last night when she acknowledged the Punk chants during segment with her, Brie Bella, and Daniel Bryan at Payback. We recapped the segment in our WWE Payback report from last night which you can read here. Basically, Stephanie said that the fans want Daniel Bryan to quit the same way CM Punk did.

I’m told that she completely ad libbed that line and was more than happy to rip on Punk in his hometown. If CM Punk ever returns to WWE (and at this point it doesn’t look like he will return, at least not anytime soon) then it would all fall on Vince McMahon because if Triple H and Stephanie have their way then Punk would not be back with the company.

Another note on Punk is that when he left the company, the only three people in the room were Punk, Triple H, and Vince McMahon.

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