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Stephanie McMahon is asked if her father uses HGH, Batista cancels, more WWE news

This is a big week for the WWE Network. Anyone that signed up for the network on the day of WrestleMania will have their six month subscriptions expire today so WWE will need to push the network hard this week.

Batista cancelled a scheduled appearance at Dallas Comic Con because of a scheduling conflict.

Before Stephanie McMahon’s appearance today on CBS radio the hosts talked about the wrestlers on drugs and it looked like they were going to ask her if her father was using HGH and wondered where he gets it from. When she came on the air she talked about Susan G. Komen and noted that the partnership with them started because of John Cena because Cena had someone in his family that had breast cancer and pitched the idea to WWE. She was also asked if wrestlers hit on her when she was younger and she said none except Triple H.

WWE stock closed at $13.83 per share. They dropped 25 cents today.


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