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Stephanie McMahon praises WWE’s women as they hit huge milestone

The Women’s Revolution has now become the Women’s Evolution as the ladies on top of Raw, SmackDown, and NXT are currently making waves by going into unchartered territory with their fantastic matches and intense match stipulations. In a way, they are literally evolving the business in front of us. As Netflix features GLOW as a new tent pole show the ladies of WWE seemed to be given an even bigger spotlight. We’re not saying that’s on purpose, but it’s a good point.

The women in WWE have been stepping it up ever since the beginnings of this Divas Revolution and “Give Divas A Chance” Twitter trends. AJ Lee headed up the women as Divas Champion and she was fantastic. It was thought impossible to dethrone AJ until Paige jumped up to the WWE main roster and took her out with one move.

Paige was still the NXT Women’s Champion at the time and she had to give it back because apparently, it was impossible to defend both titles. Plus she didn’t want the NXT Women’s Title anymore anyway. If Asuka never loses a match in NXT and has to relinquish her championship because she gets called up to the main roster she will be joining Paige with that distinction. Honestly, if Asuka never lost a match and just appeared on Raw or SmackDown answering an open challenge of some kind and picked up the title it would be a great afterward to SummerSlam.

Stephanie McMahon has been one of the WWE Women’s Division’s biggest supporters as these hard working ladies are finally getting their well-deserved spotlight. She recently sent out an really cool message to the women of WWE congratulating them on hitting another milestone.

This week’s Raw was concluded by an impressive women’s gauntlet match that saw Nia Jax lasting thirty-three minutes until finally submitting to Sasha Banks. SmackDown Live was headlined by the 2nd-ever Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match where Carmella finally won on her own and reclaimed that briefcase. Okay, she didn’t really do it on her own but a steel chair is a better partner than James Ellsworth. The final WWE show this week was also main evented by the women when Asuka defeated Nikki Cross in a brutal Last Women Standing match on NXT. That one is worth watching for Mauro Ranallo’s commentary and that sick bump at the end.

The women are grabbing brass rings all over the place like there’s a sale on them. With the Mae Young Classic fast approaching WWE might find themselves with a pay-per-view featuring only women’s matches soon enough. It wouldn’t be surprising if that one is on Stephanie McMahon’s “things to do” list.


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