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Stephanie McMahon reflects on what led to WWE making changes to their women’s division

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Stephanie McMahon reflects on what led to WWE making changes to their women’s division

While doing a recent sit-down interview at CES with Variety, Stephanie McMahon talked about a wide range of topics including what led to the change in women’s wrestling and the future of WWE’s division.

The change that WWE made to the division was to treat them just like the men started a few years ago that led to the women’s revolution, and later evolution taking place.

Since then, WWE has changed the booking of their female talent to the point where they have headlined pay-per-view events, competed in various gimmick matches like Royal Rumble, Hell in a Cell, Money in the Bank, and much more.

McMahon touched upon this change during this interview where she gave credit to Triple H for being an important part of this change.

“The way we portrayed our women [historically] was in a secondary role. It was never believed that women could be the main event or the draw. What happened was that in our developmental system, [Triple H] started recruiting athletes over models for both men and women. He started training women the same way the men were trained and giving them the same match time, and opportunities on television. As a result, they started to rise and truly steal the show. It was to the point where our fanbase was chanting “This is wrestling,” and “Women’s wrestling.” That was really the impetus of what happened then.”

McMahon continued by stating, “WWE Evolution trended number one worldwide for over two hours during the last game of the World Series and during Sunday Night Football. That’s because of our fanbase and our women killing it. We’re not giving them opportunities because they’re women, it’s giving them an opportunity because they’re the best and deserve this spot.”

H/T to WrestleZone for the transcript

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