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Stephanie McMahon says AEW will force everyone to be the best they can be


The general consensus among wrestling fans seems to be that All Elite Wrestling is good for the wrestling business because the competition is better for everyone and it will make everyone step up their game, similar to how WCW forced WWE to step things up in the late 90s. Stephanie McMahon seems to agree with this. While in New York City, Adam Glyn asked her about AEW, Ronda Rousey and the XFL.

On the launch of All Elite Wrestling, Stephanie said, "I think it's gonna force everyone to be the best that they can."

When asked about her involvement with the XFL, she said that she is not currently involved with it. She also said it's up to Ronda Rousey on when she wants to return to the ring. Rousey has said publicly that she is on a break and hopes to have kids this year so it's unlikely that we'll see her in a match until next year at the earliest.

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Watch the video below to hear what Stephanie had to say about AEW, the XFL, vintage t-shirts and more: