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Steve Austin explains how he avoided wearing a singlet when he first signed with WWE

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Steve Austin explains how he avoided wearing a singlet when he first signed with WWE

The image of WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin could’ve been much different if WWE had their way with his original look for his character as ‘The Ringmaster.”

Austin has been regarded as one of the biggest stars in the history of the WWE since signing in late 1995 and later making his promotional debut on the flagship show of the WWE, Monday Night Raw, in January of 1996. The first gimmick given to him came alongside with the Million Dollar Title that he received by his manager, Ted DiBiase, at the time.

During a recent episode of his podcast, The Steve Austin Show, the former WWE Champion brought up how WWE officials originally wanted him to wear a singlet as ‘The Ringmaster.” Austin, who wore traditional trunks and boots before signing with the WWE, was able to avoid wearing this type of attire. During this show, he gave the details on what changed from the initial idea of the singlet to him wearing all black.

“Man, they wanted me to wear a singlet. I said, ‘I ain’t wearing a singlet.’ And when I debuted, I wore those green trunks for a few episodes of TV, and I still had my Hollywood Blond boots because I asked them about what I needed to bring. They said, ‘Naw, man, just bring your old boots,’ so I knew they didn’t have [any] plans for me.” Austin explained, “so anyway, when I knew they really weren’t paying attention, I started wearing my black stuff, and I got my black boots and turned it into what I turned it into.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the transcript.


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