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Steve Austin hit two Stunners on 3:16 day to close out WWE Raw at the PC

WWE Monday Night Raw at the Performance Center closed out with a special appearance by Hall Of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Austin joked that he blew himself up during his entrance. Austin declared the 16th day of March as a national holiday. Austin asked if you want to know what 3:16 day is all about then he wants a “Hell yeah.” Byron Saxton yelled “Hell yeah.”

Austin said 3:16 Day is the day when you give a certain hand gesture when someone gives you a load of crap. He also said it’s a day when you can open a can of whoop ass on anyone you want. Saxton was giving ratings on a card during this segment.

Austin said 3:16 Day is a day when the speed limit is only a suggestion, burping is considered poetry and happy hour is 24 hours. He also said 3:16 Day is when your boss works for you, when you can have beer instead of morning coffee and it’s a day when four-letter words are always acceptable.

Austin was not happy about the scores he was getting from Saxton so he invited him into the ring to celebrate. You know the rest… Saxton took a Stunner to close out the show. Becky Lynch walked out to the ring with beer to celebrate and Austin hit Saxton with another Stunner to close out the show.

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