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Steve Austin on Ultimate Warrior, CM Punk, Undertaker, heat with Hulk Hogan, Vince Russo, Stone Cold ET, and more

Steve Austin was interviewed by Wade Keller on Friday’s PWTorch Livecast. Austin revealed that he talked to Ultimate Warrior on the phone a couple of years ago about nutrition and regrets that he wasn’t able to talk with Warrior at the Hall of Fame. He also noted that although Warrior did have some issues with some people that Warrior was always cool to him and he really loved his family. Chris Jericho said the same thing on his podcast about Warrior.

Austin also said that The Undertaker has agreed to do his podcast but there is no set date. When the day comes Austin would travel to Undertaker’s house in Austin, Texas. The show may not happen for another several weeks and it all depends on when The Undertaker is ready.

Austin said that he watched the match with Kevin Dunn. When he watched the match he was surprised and couldn’t believe that what he saw was the finish. He wasn’t clued in beforehand on the finish.

Austin was asked if there’s a chance he would wrestle again and if there was a chance that he would consider another match. Austin said that he would “maybe” consider a chance that he would do another match but he’s pretty much passed it.

He also said that there wasn’t really any heat with Hulk Hogan like some people might think. He said that he might not have had a lot of glowing things to say about Hogan in past years but there was no heat and it was just competitiveness between the two when they were both active.

He also revealed that Vince McMahon will be on the Steve Austin podcast but it all depends on when Vince has the time.

Austin said that he had a lot of fun working with Vince Russo and had a lot of great ideas and Russo liked to push the envelope and had to be reeled in by Vince McMahon at times.

He said that he knew Punk was frustrated around Christmas time and he guessed that Punk would be back at WrestleMania but he would have to ask him directly what’s going on with him now.

Steve also talks about Stone Cold ET, Nancy Grace, Colin Cowherd, steroids, his WrestleMania dream match, Mr T’s speech at the Hall of Fame, and more.

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