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Steve Austin on WWE dropping the term Diva, who came up with his nicknames, more



WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin recently did a Q&A session on episode 383 of The Steve Austin Show. During the podcast, Austin told his wife, Kristin, that WWE does not call the female wrestlers Divas anymore. He said that they’re called Superstars because of the women’s movement. “I mean, the women's wrestling scene has evolved tremendously. I was so glad when they dropped the 'divas' moniker because, man, I'll tell you what, they have spun up, and they have some talented women down there.” He added that WWE has some talented women in the company.

When asked about 'The Smoking Skull' variant of the WWE World Championship, Austin said he didn’t like what the title looked liked before and credited The Road Warriors, Animal, and Hawk, for coming up with the idea of the title. He explained that they told him that they thought he should have his own title.

According to the WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross came up with his nicknames such as The Texas Rattlesnake' and 'Toughest SOB.’ Austin said that JR is the best commentator in the history of pro wrestling and that he came up with those names on the fly. “JR was simply shooting from the hip and making up those nicknames on the fly. And I am eternally indebted to him for his commentary and him helping to get the 'Stone Cold' persona over the way he did."

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