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Steve Austin podcast w/ Triple H: Chyna in the Hall of Fame? Roman Reigns not ready?, fan backlash, 2 hour Raw?, CM Punk return to WWE?, tons more

Here is a full recap of Triple H on The Stone Cold podcast.

Fans upset with the end of the Royal Rumble

Austin says everyone was ticked off at what happened at the Royal Rumble. He said a large part of the audience was behind Daniel Bryan. Austin says it’s almost like kayfabe has died. He asks how can you book in a non kayfabe business now.

Triple H says there is that different component of the internet and once people see someone being pushed there’s a group of fans (the vocal minority) out there. He said back in the day there were some “heel” towns. He said the times changed but that component of telling a storyline and people just accepting it is gone because a large portion buys into it and another portion knows what is happening on the inside and they want to go in the opposite direction and they believe they know what works. He says that some cities they give Roman a hard time and other cities this weekend there wasn’t a person booing.

Austin talked about King of the Ring 96. Austin said when Roman is given the word then what is he supposed to say? Austin said that maybe things could have been booked better in his favor and made him work a little more than he did. He said fans were mad at the writing staff and took it out on Roman. Triple H said one man calls the shots and that’s Vince. He said there were a lot of suggestions. He said Vince is not perfect and the writing team is not perfect but they try to read where things should go.

Austin asked if tonight was a reflection of Vince having his finger on the pulse with Bryan going on to face Roman Reigns at Fast Lane. Triple H said the business has not changed and a smart promoter/booker/story writer reacts and if fans are not buying something then you go in a different direction. He said you can also work that direction and make them feel a certain way.

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