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Steve Austin reflects on the first time he was given a scripted WWE promo

WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin interviewed NWA star Eli Drake on a recent episode of his podcast, The Steve Austin Show, where they spoke about a wide range of topics. 

In the interview, Austin reflected on the first time that he was handed a scripted promo, which was after coming back from neck surgery in 1999. Up to this point, he was used to having bullet points to work off of for what he was going to say in his promos. 

“When I came back, that’s when the papers started coming around. And all-of-a-sudden, man, I’ll never forget, I was in a room with Vince, and, well, somebody had to track me down. I was watching matches. ‘Hey man, Vince wants to go through this promo with you’ and so, just like this piece of paper here, and I said, ‘Vince… when I get my hands on you… I… am… going… to… tear… you… limb… from… limb…’”

Austin continued by noting how the WWE Chairman and CEO expected him to give the promo right in front of him backstage that he was going to do on the show but for Austin, he doesn’t work like that. 

“He goes, ‘goddamn it, Steve! Give me your A-promo!’ And I’m like, ‘I’m not going to give you my A-promo here because I can’t give you my A-promo here because I’m not ‘Stone Cold’ in here!’ I’m ‘Stone Cold’ when I get out there and that’s when I turn that s–t on and that’s when I’m in a whole different universe. And that’s when, dude, when the red light’s going, if it’s a TV taping, or especially if it’s live, that’s when I’m really on.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.


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