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Steve Austin reveals how Vince McMahon feels when he teases WWE return

WWE Hall Of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin hasn’t wrestled for the company since his retirement match in 2003. Austin was defeated by The Rock in one-on-one competition at “The Show Of Shows.” It was the first time he ever lost to “The Great One” at a WrestleMania, and the third time they shared the ring at the event. Austin has since made sporadic appearances on WWE TV over the next several years.

However, Austin hasn’t been too keen on making an official in-ring return. It has been teased over the years on Austin’s podcast, however. For example, a few years ago Austin teased possibly working a program with Brock Lesnar when Paul Heyman was his guest. Recently, while interviewing Joey Ryan on the podcast, Austin joked about facing Ryan at WrestleMania.

He soon stopped, however, as he said Vince McMahon gets “hotter than hell” whenever he teases a return match:

Austin: “I just got back from my fitness program, trying to get back in shape, so I was eating meal number two,” Austin said.

Ryan: “Getting in WrestleMania shape?” Ryan asked.

Austin: “Only if it’s going to be you and me, Joey. Austin and Ryan!” Austin joked.

Ryan: “You’re going to have to politic for that one. You’re going to have to politic hard for that one,” Ryan replied.

Austin: “Austin and Ryan at [WrestleMania] 35! If I make the call, it’ll happen.” Austin claimed. “Dude, anyway, I’m not going to tease it that much because Vince always gets hotter than hell at me if I tease a match.”

But Austin didn’t stop teasing a match there. When the topic of All In 2 came up, Austin again joked that he could make a return match at the pending pay-per-view:

Austin: “These people were on fire the whole damn time. I would have loved to have worked in front of that crowd. They were on fire,” Austin said.

Ryan: “I’m sure [Cody and The Young Bucks] would have given you a spot if you wanted to come work,” Ryan deadpanned.

Austin: “I might call them next year. You’ve always got to save something for the next one,” Austin responded.

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions


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