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Steve Austin says Women's MITB match finish rubbed him the wrong way

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Money In The Bank is a story still being told. The ending of the Women's ladder match didn't end the way anyone would have liked it to so they've booked another one. Steve Austin recently opened up on his podcast about what he thought about the controversy surrounding the first-ever Women's MITB ladder match.

The bottom line in Austin's mind was where did the heat ultimately go with the ending of the Women's MITB match? Were fans upset at the angle or at WWE in general?

"As far as needing a story to carry to the next week well you got your story. But was it taken -- where did the heat go? First of all Carmella made a great catch when Ellsworth dropped the briefcase -- she made a great catch. But when the kid started climbing up there with all due respect to Ellsworth I mean he's doing what he was told. I thought one of the women was going to push the ladder match and maybe he's gonna split the top rope with some kind of epic -- a nut shot or just take a bump nonetheless or something safe where he's eliminated and he's not the one grabbing the briefcase. That kid grabs the briefcase and Carmella allegedly wins and I was like [...] they were trying to be some epic first Money In The Bank match and some guy climbs up the ladder and wins it?"

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"I mean what if they had a Money In The Bank match with the guys and one of the guys had a female valet that during the course of the match she climbs up and then drops the briefcase down to the guy. You would never see that, you've never seen that, you'll never see anything close to that. All of a sudden for this to happen in that match, it really rubbed me the wrong way. I just thought there was a way better finish and I thought one of the women should have had the opportunity to earn by climbing it."

"They were having a pretty damn good match. You could see some of the choreography there. Some of those ladder climbs and everything so it kind of followed the template and that's one of the tough things about these matches. The same was true in respect to the men's Money In The Bank match as far as following that blueprint."

"There are timing issues, they are hard matches to have and you can say, 'well Steve what do you know about a ladder match?' I know a lot about ladder matches because I've seen a million of them and I was actually in one with Shane and Vince McMahon. And when I was pitched that I would be in a ladder match I didn't like it at all. And we used step ladders and I don't think anything -- I think we used some three-foot ladders and there were some six-foot ladders so there was nothing spectacular about my ladder match. But they're hard matches to work -- these women put their bodies on the line. Now they've got to do it on television on Tuesday."

It is true that a do-over of the Women's Money In The Bank match should pop a rating. But there were so many better ways to achieve that and still give fans a satisfying memory when thinking back to the first-ever Women's Money In The Bank match, at least Stone Cold says so.

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