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Stevie Ray on helping younger talent, Virgil working in AEW



Thanks to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful for sending us the following highlights from their interview with pro wrestling legend Stevie Ray

Helping younger talent: Well, the thing is, man, just like when I was doing my Hall of Fame speech and I talked about how Arn Anderson had greeted me when I first came in, me and my brother, and I never forgot that. So, when it comes to professional wrestling, it’s just like in life, man. It’s easy to not give. It’s hard to give and have empathy for others that’s trying to come up and do the same thing. ‘Cause I’ve never been one of those persons worrying about somebody taking what I got. Never been that guy. If I can help you, I’ll help you. I can inspire you, I’ll inspire you. I think that’s how life should be because that’s how Jesus Christ lived his life,"

Getting the slapjack in WCW: Somebody heard me talking in conversation with some other wrestlers and I was saying, “Man, if I could think of my own gimmick, you know what I would do? I’d make me a slapjack and I’d hit somebody in the back of the head.” Like they used to do on the old gangster movies, right? So, somebody heard that and it got back to the office. The office thought it was cool. Next thing I know they made me a slapjack, but they never told me about it. And I’m like, “Where’d this come from?” That was a true story. But, in the real—yeah, I still keep a couple of me slapjacks with me. Maybe I’ll start marketing them!,"

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Virgil being on AEW: You know, I saw that. But, I thought the stuff was superimposed. I swear to God, I thought somebody was making a joke. I’m just saying, with the picture I saw… I did not know that. Hey, good for him. I think it’s great. I mean, I haven’t gotten a chance to watch AEW at any length. But, I think they’re doing a hell of a job."