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Sting comments on Ric Flair inducting him into the WWE Hall of Fame

Sting recently spoke with IGN to promote WrestleMania 32. Here are the highlights.

How does it feel to have Ric Flair be the one to induct you?

It seems appropriate. It seems the way it probably should go. It’s fitting. I mean, he taught me. He showed me the ropes. Back in the early days. He put me on the map in that very first Clash of Champions and I’m forever grateful to him. It just seems to really fit. And I’m proud that it’s Ric doing it.

In fact, a lot of guys who you worked with in TNA are coming to WWE. Either on RAW or over in NXT with Samoa Joe. Have you had a chance to watch any NXT?

No, I’ve never seen any of the shows, but I’ve toured through the facility they have there. The Performance Center. And it’s just outstanding what they’re doing down there. I just can’t believe the machine they’ve got going that’s producing wrestlers. I walked through the place and saw the interview rooms and the training areas and all the rings. Met all the guys. All of them are already so respectful. And, of course, hopeful that they’re going to make it. It’s a cool thing.

Back to your Triple H match…what was it like to have the NWO come into the mix as well? Did that make it even better?

Absolutely. It was nostalgic all the way. For me and for the fans. Still, I’ve got fans coming up to me and saying “I’d never thought I’d see the day. I never believed it would actually happen. To see all you guys in there at the same time.” See, Sting in WWE and at WrestleMania was already something they never thought they’d see. Now when you get NWO in there, and all the guys in there, all together at the same time? I did an autograph session a few days ago and so many people wanted me to sign the picture of all of us in the ring after the match. It’s a good shot.

You can read the full interview by clicking here.


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