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Sting had a WrestleMania dream match in mind before his neck injury

Sadly, professional wrestling fans might not ever get to see the dream feud between WWE Hall Of Famer Sting and The Undertaker. During their respective heydays in WWE and WCW, fans dreamt of one day seeing the two characters clash inside the squared circle. The storyline between them could’ve been something that the professional wrestling world would remember for decades to come.

Unfortunately, the cards were never right for such a feud to occur. Sting finally came to WWE in 2014, but began a feud with Triple H instead. The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion faced Seth Rollins at the 2015 Night Of Champions pay-per-view but sadly suffered a neck injury during the match that would end his in-ring career.

Speaking to the “Apter Chat” podcast recently, Sting revealed that, had he not suffered the injury against Rollins, he would’ve pushed hard for a WrestleMania program with The Undertaker:

“I think that if I could have made it through that last match with Seth, I was really going to push hard to see if I could get that WrestleMania [program] with Taker. I had so many ideas that developed over a couple of decades based on his character and my character and some of the ideas I had in my head.

“Someday, someone’s going to do some pretty cool stuff like that with characters that are similar, and it all has to do with sleight of hand, and special effects, and holograms… Oh man, I had some ideas that would’ve rocked everybody. I mean, it would have matched his character and mine. And I believe it would leave people with their jaws open. They would’ve been very, very entertained.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions


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