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Sting is still holding out hope for an in-ring confrontation with The Undertaker

WWE’s streaming service, WWE Network, aired a new episode of WWE Untold chronicling the last match of Sting’s legendary career in the pro wrestling business. 

Seth Rollins wrestled Sting at the 2015 Night of Champions PPV, which was Sting’s last match after he suffered a neck injury after taking a powerbomb in the corner. 

It was later revealed that Sting had spinal stenosis before the match and suffering a stinger in the match was what revealed that he had that injury, not because of the spot.  

Many fans hoped that WWE would book The Undertaker as Sting’s first big WWE opponent at WrestleMania 31, which marked Sting’s first and only WrestleMania match. However, that wasn’t the case as Taker wrestled Bray Wyatt while Sting took on Triple H.

Although Sting’s in-ring career is over, he is still holding out hope for an in-ring confrontation with The Undertaker. 

“You know if everything lines up just right. Vince, Triple H, ‘Taker, and Sting, maybe we could do this. Maybe we could just do a little, let’s just do a face-off. Let’s get you guys involved in this or that. So maybe I could do it. Maybe I could do that. I don’t know, again, if it’s just ego and pride or whatever, but I feel like I could do it all these years later.”

Sting added, “It’s insanity, I guess I’m a pro wrestler for life.”

The episode is now up for fans to watch. His comments come around the 38:00 mark, which is basically the end of the special. Sting has made similar comments in various interviews about how he always wanted to wrestle Taker. 

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