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Sting to meet with Vince McMahon for the first time at SummerSlam

Sting is STILL not signed to a WWE deal. Again, there belief is that a deal will get done. Sting may have more leverage because of the buzz surrounding the WWE 2K15 commercial and the appearance at Comic Con last week. The belief in WWE is that there is more interest in Sting coming out of 2K announcement possibly because he feels more “current” than Warrior did last year and because people know Sting can still do a wrestling match. Sting also can get big money doing autograph shows outside of WWE.

A source in WWE said that they are hopeful on getting the deal done with Sting by SummerSlam since Sting will be in Los Angeles for the event. He is not scheduled for the show though. Sting has never met Vince McMahon so this will probably be the first time he meets him.

The Sting appearance was not booked by WWE even though Michael Cole put it over as his first WWE appearance.

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