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Sting update; note on the SummerSlam script

Sting was pushing hard the idea of a match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31 next year. He went to Stamford and met with the merchandise people so that’s a clear indication that he believes a deal will get done with the company. In Sting’s mind he wants to do one match and that would be it. He’s in good shape though so it’s not set in stone that he would only wrestle just one match. Perhaps he’ll do more. There are people in WWE that would like for him to do more than one match. As noted yesterday, Sting said that if he can’t wrestle The Undertaker then he’d like to wrestle Triple H or John Cena.

The SummerSlam script leaked out before SummerSlam and that caused the betting odds to swing big time.

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