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Stone Cold compares Roman Reigns to John Cena, he doesn't need a title



Roman Reigns is a divisive character indeed. He is currently in a program with Braun Strowman where he's supposed to be cheered, but the thunderous reactions he often receives are mostly boos.

Stone Cold Steve Austin was recently asked by a fan about Reigns and his current push on The Steve Austin Show Unleashed. The Rattlesnake didn't mix words when comparing Roman Reigns' push to another person's who also gets a mixed reaction at times.

"It's hard when you're not there and they're pushing you to be one of the babyfaces of the company or the face of the company and you get out there -- look at John Cena. Now he's been on top for over ten years and has had a career that's been absolutely phenomenal but he still sometimes gets those divided chants. But nonetheless there's electricity in the air and everybody is engaged. And he's been able to have such a strong mindset to not let it get in his head and mess with him, that's the confidence of John Cena."

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"I think that Roman Reigns has the same kind of confidence and self-belief that he's gonna weather some of those bad chants and he'll end up getting over for everyone as we continue to watch what rolls down the road. The kid's gonna be fine. I think he's built to be a Superstar , he's just gotta be hungry enough to go out there and get it. I know the company is behind him and I think he'll get to where he wants to go."

When a fan asked Austin if he thought a Universal Title shot was in Reigns' future Stone Cold was very blunt in his reply.

"Here's the thing, the title doesn't mean anything right now. He just needs adjusting, to focus on the work, get in a good engaging story line and be Roman Reigns. F the title, don't worry about the title. Stone Cold Steve Austin -- I didn't worry about the title. When I won it, it was cool. But did I live and die by it? 'Hey man I got the title, I'm the World Champion' -- no I didn't."

"I didn't even need the belt. When you go back to Jake The Snake Roberts -- he was a guy who didn't need a belt. Roman doesn't need the belt. He just needs good stories and he needs great opponents. And he needs to kick ass and show fire and execute."

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