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Stone Cold podcast with Paul Heyman: Heyman talks McMahon, ECW, current WWE, more

Here is the full recap of the Stone Cold Steve Austin podcast with Paul Heyman. This was typed up as the podcast was in progress.

Heyman said he's humbled being interviewed by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Heyman talks about meeting Austin in Atlanta in the early 90s and he kept noticing the striking, blonde with wide shoulders. JR noted at the time that Austin had something special at the time. Heyman said Austin had his attention from the start. Heyman talks about seeing Austin hit the ropes. He said he never saw someone hit the ropes as hard as Austin. 5 weeks later Heyman was managing Austin as part of the Dangerous Alliance. Heyman said that the idea was to build a new Four Horsemen group. Heyman mentioned that he was suspended by Jim Herd for BS reasons and there was a lawsuit. He said told Dusty Rhodes that the Dangerous Alliance was missing Stunning Steve Austin. Heyman said, "he's from Texas, he's just like you." Heyman then went and told Rude that Austin was in with the group. Heyman said Rude was cool with Austin being in the stable. Heyman talked about how Austin had an intensity in the ring and his matches looked like a fight.

Austin shifted the focus to Brock Lesnar.

Heyman said he'll be back rather soon and it's public knowledge. Brock has been on his farm and he's a hunter. Brock owns farm property in the United States and in Canada. He said Brock is the son of a dairy farmer. He said that Brock buys more farmland with his money and no matter how famous he becomes he always goes back to being a farmer because that is who he is at his core. Austin asked Heyman to line things up so they could go hunting together. Paul joked that he can't go hunting with them because Jews don't hunt.

Austin asked more about Brock and his talks with UFC.

Heyman said Brock would have gone back if he had to. Heyman said that Brock opened up a mini training camp in January in case he didn't cut the right deal with WWE. He would have done a full-blown training camp. Brock said he would have been ready for any fighter that UFC would have put in front of him. Heyman said his recent WWE run was enjoyable to him. Heyman said that the one thing that weighed on Brock was that he is an athlete. Heyman ran down the list of Brock's accomplishments in UFC while being sick with diverticulitis and Brock wondered what he could have accomplished while being healthy. Heyman said that Brock has been enjoying his time in WWE for the first time.

On criticism from fans on Brock's schedule:

Heyman said that Brock's kids are very important to him and Brock is special because he's not on TV all of the time.

Austin asked if Paul would take on more clients while Brock is gone:

Heyman says that he and Brock have such a defined relationship on TV because it's a true friendship and it translates on TV so when you put him with someone else it comes off as "Brock Lesnar's guy" with another person. He felt it did work with Punk because he does have a real friendship with Punk.

Heyman says he talks to Punk almost every day and they text more than they talk but almost on a daily basis. Austin asks about Heyman's thoughts on Punk joining UFC. Heyman says money is not motiviating him. The challenge motivates him and Punk probably regrets not doing it 5 or 6 years earlier. He thinks Punk believes that he will shock everyone or he'll get beat up and he is very accepting of that and he's man enough to take his chances.

Austin talks about wrestlers selling today. He gave the DDT as an example of a move that doesn't mean what it used to because guys kick out of everything.

Heyman said that Rock's father used to win matches with a dropkick and Harley Race used a suplex. Heyman said that if you take a guy with the size of Mark Henry and you say that his finish is a headlock and he uses that as a finish and then the word comes down that no one can use the headlock and Henry makes guys submit to that move for many weeks then he guarantees that people will be buzzing about it. He moves would get over if they actually put the move over and announcers put the over as something devastating and the roster protects their moves.

Austin talked about Jake Roberts and Harley Race's promos. Austin said that there is something missing with promos today. He did praise Kevin Owens and John Cena's promo from Raw.

Heyman talked about guys like Kevin Sullivan, Jim Cornette, and The Road Warriors in the 1980s. Heyman talked about being told to do a promo once by Dusty Rhodes in the NWA and just doing it off the cuff. Heyman felt good about it and Dusty just asked him "where's the money?" In other words, he didn't sell Starrcade. Heyman never forgot that.

Austin brought up Superstar Billy Graham. Graham hooked Heyman on the business. Austin said he liked Ultimate Warrior's promos because they fit his character. Austin said it's not always about content but it's about how you say things. Austin said that a guy should not always cut a promo just because he can if there's nothing good for him to say. Austin asked how the promo system should change.

Heyman said that he talks to as many young talent as possible if they come to him. He said that one issue today is that people pontificate on promos. Paul says that he engages the audience and the art of engaging has been lost and guys are preaching and pontificating to the audience. Austin joked about guys in the ring cutting promos on each other and guys just waiting their turn to speak.

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Austin asked about Vince, Sr.

Heyman said he made his first $50 from Vince McMahon, Sr. They showed a photo of Vince, Sr. on the screen. Heyman said he took that photo. Heyman was 14 and a photographer at the time. Heyman called to get a press pass and he ended up on the phone with Vincent James McMahon. He went up to the offices of the WWWF and got his press pass. He went to MSG to shoot photos. He said that he saw Vince, Sr. talking to Andre and he took the photo from below to make Andre look even bigger. Heyman printed out an 8x10 of the picture and gave it to Vince, Sr. and put it in his hand. 2 MSG security guards pushed Heyman up against the wall and Howard Finkel called him over to tell him that Vince liked it. That's when he was paid for the first time. It was $50 and from then on he was back shooting at MSG shows.

Heyman talked more about Vince, Sr. He said Vince had his carved out territory and if someone tried to take over the territory then you had to fight for it. He talked about the other territories around the country. Heyman talked about cable television changing things. He said Joe Blanchard was the first to cut a USA Network deal and Ole Anderson was already looking at going into Ohio. Heyman said that Vince, Jr. was walking into a new era with cable television and cable TV was going to wipe out syndication.

Heyman says that if Vince didn't expand then someone else would have. He thinks Vincent J. McMahon would have done the same if he would have been around for 5 more years.

Austin joked that there were people that wanted to kill Vince, Jr. back then. Heyman joked that Lou Albano got fired more times than anyone and it was a monthly thing. They showed a photo of Heyman with Albano, Freddie Blassie, and The Grand Wizard. Heyman talked about how Albano always showed up drunk. He said Lou would always say something out of line and would get fired but Vince, Sr. would send somebody to get Lou and he'd be back and Lou would apologize.

Austin asks about Heyman's relationship with Vince today:

Heyman says he and Vince don't interact on a daily basis so they are fine today. Heyman said he was hired in 2001 to give the contrarian opinion and he guesses that Vince got tired of Paul going against him. Heyman said that fatherhood has mellowed him out and he's changed how he deals with people.

Heyman said that he's never done a line of cocaine because always had the fear of having his father standing over his grave and saying that he threw his life away over something like cocaine. He said this because there were people that might have thought that in the 90s when he was so high strung. He talked about being the head Smackdown writer in the early to mid 2000s. He said that he realized how much heat he had when the announcers would start calling Smackdown the "B" show.

Austin asked about the "infamous" 2006 plane ride. Heyman said it was time for him to go because he lost his passion. They had resurrected the ECW brand and he didn't like the way it was going and it became personal between himself and Vince. Paul offered to write Smackdown again and just give ECW to someone else. Heyman said that he was burned out and tired in 2006 and Vince sensed it and they were both angry at each other and it became toxic. By the time they got off the plane Vince wanted Heyman to go home and Heyman was happy to oblige.

Austin talked about some old road stories. He talked about a car ride with Rude, Heyman, and Heyman.

Heyman says that Austin uses the word "God damn" a lot. Austin was saying something and Rude got angry and told Heyman to pull over the car. Rude turned around and says "Steve, must you take the F'N lords name in vain?" Heyman joked that Rude was not a saint himself. Steve says "Rick i'm sorry. I didn't know you felt so fervently about religion. I apologize. I promise not to say the lords name in vain again." Rude said "thank you very much." Austin said, "you're god damn welcome."

Heyman told another old story about the Samoans. He said Sting would ride with the Steiners and Scott would sit in the front as Sting drove. He said they would come down the highway and Rick would go into the font seat and Scott would lower the window and Sting would drive 85 MPH and Rick would reach out of the window and grab another wrestler's leg from another car. Heyman said that he was riding with Samoan Swat Team and they were heading to a town and they see Sting and The Steiners so they lock the door. Steiner tries to get Paul but the window was shut. Sting and Scott switched in the front seat and they throw a watermelon and the Samoans pull over and they load up so that on the ride back home they are ready. Now they are throwing bottles and food and baseballs at Sting and The Steiners. The car that Paul was in was totaled. Paul said that he is blacklisted from renting a car in Charlotte, NC.

Heyman asked about Cena's springboard Stunner.

Austin says it's a waste and "it's just a move that ain't worth a damn." He said that he supports Cena but someone will get messed up from that move and it's not an effective move.

Heyman asked if Austin would fight Brock at WrestleMania 32. "If I was gonna fight Brock Lesnar, i'd beat his ass."

Austin said "I'd have to think about it" in regards to wrestling at WrestleMania against Brock. "I would open up a can of whoop ass on Brock Lesnar."

Austin said, "we can discuss it."

Austin didn't say the match will happen but it could happen if all of the stars lined up. He went to college near Dallas. Austin said that he doens't want a scientific match. He wants a Texas Death Match.

Austin said that he's getting worked up talking about it. He ended by saying that he will drink a cold beer and think about this.