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Stone Cold Steve Austin reacts to Kevin Owens using the Stunner on WWE Raw



Kevin Owens grew up watching Stone Cold Steve Austin so is it a surprise to see Owens pull out the Stone Cold Stunner on a rare occasion?

Owens hit the move on Seth Rollins during their excellent match on Monday Night Raw and the Rattlesnake was asked for his thoughts on Twitter. He didn't say much other than that Owens version of the move was "Very interesting."

I wouldn't read into that comment too much because Austin had Owens on his podcast last year and praised his work. He even gave Owens some pointers on how to properly execute the move.

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"When you kick the guy right in the gut, right in the diaphragm, boom. You sap his lungs full out of all the oxygen," Austin said in 2017 during the podcast interview. "That’s both men’s weight coming down on that shoulder. You hit your ass on the mat, the mat springs you back up. The vertebrae in your back give that energy a direct path through the shoulder to his damn jawbone. Wham. Lights out. That’s how scientific it is, Kevin."

Owens lost the match and then announced that he was quitting. From the sounds of it, fans are supposed to believe that he is quitting WWE. Clearly, this is all storyline and he should be back soon. Owens is advertised for a match at the Super Show-Down event in Australia where he will team with Elias to take on John Cena and Bobby Lashley.

Hopefully, he'll take some of that Rattlesnake persona and he'll be allowed to be a badass when he returns to WWE television.