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Stone Cold Steve Austin says Jon Jones irritates him; gives thoughts on Vince McMahon

Stone Cold Steve Austin was interviewed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani and didn’t hold back on his thoughts on UFC light heavyweight Champion Jon Jones. Jones is set to face Alexander Gustafsson in September. Austin said he hopes Gustafsson wins and that Jones rubs him the wrong way.

“[Jones] does rub me the wrong way on certain things,” Austin said. “I would love to see him get his [expletive] kicked because it’s gonna take a hell of a man to do that.”

“When I say some things about Jon Jones irritate me, I respect who and what he is in that octagon, make no mistake about that,” Austin said.

He also gave his opinion on other things such as:

Vince McMahon: “I love Vince, he’s a classy guy. He’s a shrewd businessman.”
Performance Enhancing Drugs: “It is what it is.”
Floyd Mayweather: “He’s just a little too abrasive for me.”

You can listen to Austin on The MMA Hour by clicking here.

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